About Us

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF) was set up in 1950 to promote education, research, training and development to Indian foundrymen and to serve as a nodal point of reference between the customers and suppliers of the Indian foundry industry on a global scale.

With its Head Quarter in Kolkata, IIF presently services the entire country through its 26 Chapters under four Regional Offices located at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai.

The Institute is a member of the World Foundrymen Organisation (WFO) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The activities of IIF are wide ranging and include the following:

  • To publish the monthly Indian Foundry Journal which contains monographs on various aspects of foundry industry.
  • To organize annually the Indian Foundry Congress (along with Indian Foundry Exhibition " IFEX) and publish the transactions thereof.
  • To serve as a point of reference to the Government of India for the Foundry Industry.
  • To participate in the preparation of standards for Foundry materials, Products and Test methods by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • To promote export of foundry products and related services.
  • To provide technical services to member companies.
  • To co-ordinate Research and Development work on foundry related subjects.
  • To organize Training and Development of Shop floor personnel.
  • To maintain and update databank of foundries and their suppliers.
  • To publish the Foundry Directory every 5 years listing information relevant to the foundry sector.
  • To conduct examinations leading to the GRAD IIF, recognised by the Government of India as a graduate level degree in Foundry technology.
  • To support foundry related courses in educational institutions.
  • To recognize meritorious activity by individuals and body corporates in the field of foundry technology, through the Awards Programme.
  • To conduct technical meetings, seminars and workshops through Regional branches and Chapters.
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